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Volunteer Photography Awards - First Season 2007
Best Action Photo  

Juror's Statement: "There were a number of excellent action photos that caught the precise moment, but Kambiz Doonboli's's technique and timing in this photograph not only catches the moment, but also the feeling of the action within the context of the clay courts."

Winner: Kambiz Doonboli (left),
Juror: Bob Kubiak,
Jose Mieres and
Gulshan Sharma (right).
Players in our fall 2007 tournaments came to the Frick Park clay courts not just for competition, but to support the club's efforts and help develop a community of clay court enthusiasts and proud volunteers.      
Best Photo of Volunteer Work

Juror's Statement: "Karl Franklin's photograph of the volunteer restoration of the courts presents interesting composition and play of visual elements. But it also shows the detailed effort required in the restoration work, as well as the march toward progress and the difference in the court surface before and after the effort."

Winner: Karl Franklin (left),
Juror: Bob Kubiak,
Jose Mieres, and
Gulshan Sharma (right).
The hard work and focus to restore the courts in July and August 2007 is evident in many photos. After almost three decades of decline in condition and use, a committed group of volunteers looked to the future with determination and put their own hands to the clay.
Best Photo of the Courts

Juror's Statement: "This photograph for me best captures the beauty of the clay courts and what it would feel like to play on them on a beautiful day."

Winner: Kambiz Doonboli (left),
Juror: Bob Kubiak,
Jose Mieres and
Gulshan Sharma (right).
The beauty of the clay courts and the trees, the park, the colors, needs few, if any, words to describe.
Juror's Choice Award

Juror's Statement: "Andrew Stein here presents us a photograph that is quiet in it's beauty and use of light. Yet it speaks volumes not only about the club's efforts to restore the red clay, which clings to the shoes of those that play upon it, but about the impact the club has already had on the tennis community, such as bringing the city's Paul G. Sullivan Tennis Championship tournament back to Frick Park."

Winner: Andrew Stein(left),
Juror: Bob Kubiak.

A photo picked by the juror for a special reason.
About the Juror
Bob Kubiak - An artist member of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and of the Silver Eye Center for Photography. Mr. Kubiak recently gave a talk at the Silver Eye Center on toy camera photography (Click Here). Mr Kubiak also has a photo in this year's Benefit Auction at the Silver Eye Center (Click Here).
  • On behalf of the Frick Park Clay Court Tennis Club, our deep thanks to Bob Kubiak for jurying our 2007 volunteer photos.

  • And contratulations and deep thanks to the following club members and volunteer photography award winners:
    Kambiz Doonboli: 2007 Best Action Photo Award and 2007 Best Photo of the Courts Award.
    Karl Franklin: 2007 Best Photo of Volunteer Work Award.
    Andrew Stein: 2007 Juror's Choice Award.

  • May the 2008 photo competition gain inspiration from these photos!


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