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Rules for Clay Court Tennis at Frick Park

Grooming the courts after playing        
  • 1- Groom the entire tennis court with the drag-net after each playing session or match, and before leaving the court. The drag net should be passed over the court with a zig-zag pattern by making turns sideline to sideline. You can also do more than one court at a time in this way and maybe win some friends. The drag net should be passed at a fast walking pace. Make grooming the court part of your cool-down routine!

  • 2- Clean the lines with brush or broom after grooming the court. Now the court is ready to welcome the next red clay court players!
  • 3- Additionally, if necessary for fair play, or if so preferred by at least one of the players, you can groom and/or clean the lines before starting play. You can use this opportunity also to survey the court and pick up any objects on the surface that may affect the quality of play. Make cleaning the lines part of your warm-up routine!
Order of play        
  • All players are asked to use the sign-up sheet at the gate, or club desk in the exhibition court whenever there is a club event or league. Thanks!

  • If all courts are in use, walk-in players are asked to limit their time on court to 1 Hour (Singles) or 1.5 Hour (Doubles).
  • Wait for the turn to play outside of the courts.
  • Wait until points are over on occupied courts before walking to the court you will be playing on. That is, never cross a court (even along the fence) while a point is in play.


During Play        
  • Do not walk into occupied courts to retrieve stray balls. Politely wait for points to be over, and ask the neighboring players for your ball.

  • Avoid using audible expletives or exhibiting rude behavior.
  • Be supportive of other players' efforts and play.
  • Be welcoming and supportive of newcomers to the sport.
  • Become familiar with the ITF Rules of Tennis and the player's guide to unofficiated matches known as "The Code".
  • After play is ended, groom your court as described above, and leave the court for the next group of players.
  • Do not leave trash or discarded items on the courts.
  • Allow no unsupervised small children on the courts.
General Rules for the facilities        
  • Only use clay court appropriate tennis shoes.

  • No activities except playing tennis on the courts.
  • No presence of animals or pets on the courts.
  • No alcoholic drinks on the courts.
  • No smoking inside the courts.
  • No glass objects inside the courts.
  • No bicycles inside the courts.
  • No entrance to the courts after moderate or heavy rain.

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Nice shot! Good get! Nice Serve! Nice playing with you!

Good match! Nice Clay Courts!

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