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Clay Court Tennis in the US
  • The new national headquarters for the USTA's high performance training of the top US junior players is located at the Evert Academy in Boca Raton, FL.  They began to operate in September 2007, and the facility has 14 clay courts and 9 hard courts (Clarey, p48).

  • The USTA chose the Evert Academy to satisfy its "desire to emphasize clay-court play to its juniors" (Clarey, p49).

  • Playing well on clay is no longer a specialty of dirt ballers, it is "nearly a prerequisite for success" among the pros (Wertheim, p108).

  •  The USTA is adding clay courts at their top junior facilities and bringing in European coaches (Wertheim, p108).


  • Clarey, Christopher, "In House Project: The US Trains Many of the World's Best Players, So Why Can't We Do Better With Our Own Kids? The USTA Thinks It May Finally Have the Answer."  Tennis Magazine, Nov/Dec 2006, p48-49.

  • Wertheim, L. Jon,  "Feet of Clay: It's Time for US Players to Get Down and Dirty,"  Tennis Magazine, Apr 2006, p108.

Other Red Clay Court Clubs and Facilities in the US

Riverside Clay Tennis Association
Riverside Park, New York City
10 natural red clay courts

Mountain Park Lake Tennis Club
Mountain Lake Park, Western Maryland
6 natural red clay courts

Albany Tennis Club
Albany, New York
8 natural red clay courts

Berkeley Tennis Club
Orange, NJ 07050
6 natural red clay courts

Red Clay Clubs and Facilities:

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