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Each season, 20% of club player members made contributions in addition to the annual dues. To join the club as a player and contribute to our revitalization efforts, please see our Sign Up page.

During our restoration work since 2007, volunteers and supporters also came right to the courts to donate specific tools and items needed to maintain and improve the clay courts. Please see our wish list below for suggestions, Thanks!

In addition to memberships and additional contributions from player members, monetary contributions to help with our efforts also accepted by using the "Red Clay Friends Form".

Download form - in doc format; Download form - in pdf format

For information on becoming and being acknowledged as a Sponsor of the club, please see our Sponsor page.

Some ongoing improvement projects as of 2012:

  • On-court sprinkler system and watering system.
  • Belgium blocks and red bricks to surround courts.
  • Improvements to drainage system.
  • Flowers for landscaping around the courts.

Sample of useful donated items:

  • Folding tables, chairs
  • Park Benches.
  • Rotary Line Sweepers.
  • Used tennis or similar nets to be used for drag nets.
  • Used tennis rackets to be used as loaner rackets.
  • Used wood racquets.
  • Used racket stringing machine.
  • Used hand-push lawn roller (300lbs).
  • Clay Court Lute/Scarifiers (2).
  • Rakes and gardening tools.

Items currently on loan: 

  • 1 Clay Court Lute/Scarifier: Loaned by teaching pro.
  • 1 wheelbarrow, 1 shovel: loaned by Partner in the Parks.

Items donated during first season in 2007:

  • 1 6x3ft Steel Drag Mat.
  • 2 8x4ft Steel Drag Mat.
  • 1 Hand Steel Drum Roller.
  • 2 86ft radius Gilmour sprinklers.
  • 1 plastic drum.
  • 1 metal rake.
  • 1 plastic rake.
  • 2 drag nets. 
  • 450ft of Water Hose(s).
  • 3 Rolling Brush Line Cleaners.
  • 6 brooms to clean lines.
  • 3 Gamma Loaner Rackets.
  • 1 Gamma Ball Hopper.
  • Penn orange/green all court balls.

Thanks to all!


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