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2008-2007 Events On the Red Clay Courts at Frick Park

     April 2008

Photo by Karl Franklin.
     May 2008
  • Club Leagues:
    The club will organize the Red Clay Leagues. Organized with the club website, club member players in groups of ten will meet weekly from May to October. There will be men and women’s leagues of all levels.

  • Special Event:
    French Open at Frick Park Tennis Celebration.
    A Classic Wood Racquets Event and an Exhibition Matches marked this first ever celebration of grand slam tennis on red clay in Pittsburgh, paying homage to the outstanding tradition of tennis at Frick Park.
    For Photos by FPCCTC Photographer
    Kambiz Doonboli - Click Here

Photo by Kambiz Doonboli.
     June 2008
Photo by Kambiz Doonboli.
     July 2008
  • Club Tournament:
    Men’s and Women’s Singles Tournament,
    July 5-6, 2008.
    Free entry for club member players of all levels. Competition on Saturday and Sunday for prizes and fun. There will be a tennis party on Sunday for the finals.

  • Special Event:
    Annual Paul Sullivan Tennis Championship, July 12-20, 2008.
    This year the former Pittsburgh Parks Championships, first held in 1930, will be co-presented by Citiparks Tennis and the Frick Park Clay Court Tennis Club.


Collage by Jose Mieres.
     August 2008  
  • Club Singles Ladder:
    The club will organize Singles ladder matches among member players.

     September 2008    
  • Club Tournament: The Doc Greene and Bud Wechsler Doubles Tournament
    6-7th September.

    Photos by Kambiz Doonboli - Click Here
    Competition for all levels, including beginners and intermediates.
    Free entry for all club members and new signups.
    Saturday September 6 at 4PM: Tennis party with FREE clinics and free kids loaner rackets sponsored by USTA.


    Saturday, 6th September
    1 - 4PM: Mixed Doubles.
    4 - 5PM: Free beginner, intermediate and kids clinics. Quickstart tennis and free gifts by USTA.
    5PM: Tennis Party, Pizza.
    Sunday, 7th September
    9AM: Volunteer Work
    10AM - 1PM: Men's B Doubles, Women's Doubles.
    1 - 5PM: Men's A Doubles.

    Draws to be posted online by Friday night.

  • Beginning Sept 14
    Sundays Noon to 1PM
    Free Beginner and Intermediate Tennis Clinics For Adults and Small Children
    Tennis Pro Aldene LaCaria
    Free specially-sized loan racquets, mini nets and foam balls for small children.
    No registration is needed.
    All are Welcome!
     October, November 2008
2007 Season Events  



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