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citiparks 2013 Paul G. Sullivan Tennis Championships
Frick Park Clay Courts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 8-21, 2013

2013 Schedule
Wednesday, July 3, and Thursday, July 4 USTA Pro Circuit Men's Futures of Pittsburgh Exhibition Matches: Daniel Garza (Monterrey, Mexico) 400's ATP, and Jorge Montero (Santiago, Chile) 800's ATP. proam
Monday, July 8 to
Thursday, July 11
Men's Open Singles Qualifying Draw
Friday, July 12 to Sunday, July 14 Men's and Women's Open Singles Qualifying Draws, Men's and Women's Senior (50+) Singles, Men's and Women's Open Doubles, Mixed Open Doubles  
Monday, July 14 to Friday, July 19 USTA-Sanctioned Men's and Women's Open Singles Main Draws - continuation of all all events up to QF  
Saturday, July 20 Semifinals  
Sunday, July 21 Finals  

2013 Daily Results


2013 Tournament Draws and Results

Men’s Open Singles Qualifying
USTA-Sanctioned Men’s Open Singles

Women’s Open Singles Qualifying
USTA-Sanctioned Women’s Open Singles

Men’s Masters Singles (50+)
Women’s Masters Singles (50+)

Men’s Open Doubles
Women’s Open Doubles
Mixed Open Doubles

2013 Photo Galleries

kamgiz Thursday, July 18, MOs QF and WOs QF, and Sunday, July 21, WOd SF, and Finals for all events, Gallery by Kambiz Doonboli, FPCCTC
photo Sunday, July 21, WOd SF, and Finals for all events, Gallery by Shane Perry

2013 registrations are listed on registered players page.


All Open singles and doubles matches thru the quarterfinals are best two of three tiebreak sets with standard scoring (weather permitting). All Open semi and final matches are best two of three sets; first two sets are tiebreak sets,  and the third set to completion (weather permitting). All Senior matches are best two of three tiebreak sets with standard scoring (weather permitting).

USTA-Sanctioned Main Draw

The Men's Open Singles Main Draw and the Women's Open Singles Main Draw are each USTA-Sanctioned ranking events. As in 2011-12, the top ranked Men's Open Singles applicants and top ranked Women's Open Singles applicants are entered directly into the USTA-Sanctioned Main Draws, both of which begin play on the second week of the tournament. Men's Open Qualifying Singles and Women's Open Qualifying Singles players do *not* have to be USTA members to participate in the tournament, but *if* you make it to the Main Draw *and* you are not (yet!) a USTA member, FPCCTC will help sponsor your new USTA membership. NICE!

2013 Trophies

"The 2013 Sullivan trophies are made from screen printed and pleximounted photograph of the Frick Park Clay Courts, the trees that surround them, and the clubhouse tent in the background. The 2013 design has a tattered grid structure that references a player's worn tennis strings and the ever imposing net. The trophy bases are constructed from reclaimed wood, an expression of FPCCTC's environmental awareness and harmony within the park we all love/" - Corey Escoto


2013 Trophies by Corey Escoto


USTA-Sanctioned Men's Open Singles
72 Participants
USTA-Sanctioned Women's Open Singles
21 Participants
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2013 Champion: Mike Wagner (also Champion 2010-2012).
2012 Finalist: Mark Panepinto.
Match Result: 6-3, 6-0.

Presenting the 2013 trophies: José Mieres (Tournament Director), Kyle Hjemowski (Outstanding FPCCTC volunteer.

2013 Champion: Johanna Bezjak (also Champion 2012, Finalist 2010).
2012 Finalist: Hannah Famili.
Match Result: 6-4, 6-2.

Presenting the 2013 trophies: José Mieres (Tournament Director), Maureen Collins (FPCCTC Board Member and Outstanding Volunteer), and Joyce Scott (2013 Women's Master Champion).

Men's Masters Singles
21 Participants
Women's Masters Singles
4 Participants
Tournament Referee
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2013 Champion: Tom Sparta.
2013 Finalist: Frank Haley.
Match Result: 7-6(7), 6-2.

Presenting the 2013 trophies: Stephen Hirtle (Assistant Tournament Director) and José Mieres (Tournament Director) .
2013 Champion: Joyce Scott (also 2012, 2010 Champion, 2011 Finalist).
2013 Finalist: Dara Chengappa.

Presenting the 2013 trophies: José Mieres (Tournament Director) and Dan Kambic(FPCCTC Board Member and Outstanding Volunteer).

2008-2013 Paul G. Sullivan Clay Championships Tournament Referee Barb McMullen (USTA).

Chaired the 2012,12,11 Men's Open Singles finals,
2013,12,11 Women's Open Singles finals, and 2012 Men's Open Doubles final.

Men's Open Doubles
68 Participants
Women's Open Doubles
18 Participants
Mixed Open Doubles
46 Participants
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2013 Champions: Dave Mewkalo and Nick Reese.
2013 Finalists:
Dom Costa and Tom Sparta.
Match Result:
6-3, 6-7(2), 6-4.

Presenting the 2013 trophies: David Vichitthavong (FPCCTC Outstanding Volunteer), Corey Escoto (2011-2013 Trophy Designer) and José Mieres (Tournament Director).

2013 Champions: Rajeta Bazaz and Sheryl Broadhurst.
2013 Finalists: Jaquelyn Connell and Alie Bott.
Match Result: 6-3, 2-6, 8-6.

Presenting the 2013 trophies: Meg Cooper (2012 Women's Open Doubles Finalist, 2012, 2009 Women's Master Finalist), and José Mieres (Tournament Director).

2013 Champions: Johanna Bezjak and Art DeMateo.
2013 Finalists: Lucia Zacchi and Chris Mueller.
Match Result:Wo[pc].

Presenting the 2013 trophies: José Mieres (Tournament Director).




2013 Tournament Volunteers and Staff

Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation:
Luann Horan (Acting Director)
Matt Delraso (Special Events)

Citiparks Tennis and Sullivan Tournament Director:
José Mieres
Assistant Tournament Director:
Stephen Hirtle
Tournament Desk Director:
Maureen Collins
Tournament Referees:
Barb McMullen
Tournament Officials:
Nancy Whelan
Promotion and Publicity:
Mary Beth Mueller - Citiparks
Deb Rosen - Tennis Village
Citiparks Tennis - Summer Guide and Website
Regent Square Civic Association
Online Registration and Webpage:
Stephen Hirtle
Ross Cooperman
Gulshan Sharma
Tournament Ball:
Gamma ProTour Regular Duty
2013 Trophies:
Corey Escoto
Player Gifts:
Gamma Sports (Pittsburgh)
Seeding and Draw Committee:
José Mieres
Stephen Hirtle
Mike Wagner
David Creswell
FPTCCTC Sponsorships:
Howard Engelberg
Deb Rosen
Mark Wallace
José Mieres
Tom Current

2013 Photos:
Kambiz Doonboli
Shane Perry

Tournament Desk Volunteers:
Maureen Collins
Ken Kornick
Kathy Hast


Clay Court Volunteers:
Allen Baum, Ken Kornick, Kenny Neisser, Mark Wallace, Bill Williams, Mark Camp, Emma Leibowicz, David Vichitthavong, Johanna Bezjak

2013 Season Clay Court Volunteers:
Steve H, Peg H, Allen B, Rick F, Maureen C, Bill W, José M, Dara C, Corey E, Ken K, Dan K, Howard B, Dennis P, Jim H, Kenny N, Mark C, Mark W, Melinda H, Karen W, Fred J, Joe B, Nikal N, among many others!
Negotiation for FPCCTC Adopt-A-Park Agreement with the City of Pittsburgh:
Joseph Leibowicz
Men's Futures of Pittsburgh Exhibition Matches at Frick Park:
Dan Hackett
Hank Hughes
USTA Allegheny Mountain District Support:
Fred Crawford
USTA Middle States Support:
Megan Goodwin
Michael Gladys

Past Tournament Information

Complete 2012 Tournament Draws and Results

2012 Men’s Open Singles Qualifying
2012 USTA-Sanctioned Men’s Open Singles

2012 Women’s Open Singles Qualifying
2012 USTA-Sanctioned Women’s Open Singles

2012 Men’s Masters Singles (50+)
2012 Women’s Masters Singles (50+)

2012 Men’s Open Doubles
2012 Women’s Open Doubles
2012 Mixed Open Doubles




Men’s Open Singles:
2012,11,10 Mike Wagner
2009,08,07 David Fink

Women’s Open Singles:
2012 Johanna Bezjak
2011,10,08 Emma Leibowicz
2009 Katie Freedline
2007 Jackie Hughes

Men’s Masters Singles:
2012,11,09 Daniel Jones
2010 Arthur De Mateo
2008 Vince Romito
2007 Jeff Winicour
Women’s Masters Singles:
2012,10 Joyce Scott
2011 Yumiko Murai
2009 Carroll Roberts
2008 Tammy Tjader
2007 Doe Krug

All Past Results: [2012] [2011] [2010] [2009] [2008]


In August 1930 the newly constructed Frick Park clay courts first hosted the Pittsburgh Parks Championships.

Paul Sullivan wrote that the Frick Park had “the classiest battery of rectangles in the district.”

Paul Sullivan directed the Pittsburgh Parks Championships held at the Frick Park clay courts from 1930 until 2001.

In 1930 the singles champions were Frank Broida of Frick Park and Jean Artzberger of Olympia Park.

From 1930 until 2001 there were no tiebreaks in any of the matches and there were no age groups in any events.

In 2001 Paul Sullivan directed the tournament for the last time at Frick Park.

In 2002 Paul Sullivan, at 98 years old, put down his racket for the last time and the tournament was renamed the Paul G. Sullivan Tennis Championships.

In 2007 the tournament was relocated back to Frick Park after the volunteer restoration of the red clay courts by the new Frick Park Clay Court Tennis Club.

Participation has increased from less than 30 players in 2006, to 62 players in 2007, and over 100 players in 2008-2010. There were 61 players in the 2010 Men’s Open Singles Draw.

2011 has over 150 registered players, including 68 players in the Men's Open Singles.

Paul G. Sullivan Clay Championships (formerly Pittsburgh Parks Championships)
Men's Open Singles and Women's Open Singles Champions

1930 - Frank Broida - Jean Artzberger
1931 - Frank Broida - Jean Artzberger
1932 - Frank Broida - Jean Artzberger
1933 - Al McCorkle - Jean Artzberger
1934 - Harry Wald - Jean Artzberger
1935 - James T. O'Connor - Jean Artzberger
1936 - Harry Wald - Jean Artzberger
1937 - Dr. John O'Loughlin - Jean Artzberger
1938 - Harry Wald - Miriam Sullivan
1939 - Harry Wald - Miriam Sullivan
1940 - Joe Kristukek - Kay Welch
1941 - Eddie McCullough - Kay Welch Hackett

1942-1945 - No Tournament - WWII

1946 - Robert E. Bennett - Kay Welch Hackett
1947 - Joe Harmuth - Lucy Borelli
1948 - Robert Bennett - Joy Liken
1949 - Joe Short - Carol Meyer
1950 - Robert Bennett - Carol Meyer
1951 - Robert Bennett - Joy Hartman Liken
1952 - Robert Bennett - Carol Meyer
1953 - Eddie McCullough - Joy Hartman Liken
1954 - Joe Short - Carol Meyer
1955 - Joe Short - Carol Meyer
1956 - Joe Short - Joy Liken
1957 - Phil Dehuff - Janet Thomas
1958 - Diek Koscelnik - Margot Riester
1959 - John Bowers - Ruth Martin

1960 - Claus Bode - Ruth Martin
1961 - John Bowers - Janet Thomas
1962 - Ed Kilgus - Janet Thomas
1963 - Bill Colbert - Goldie Edwards
1964 - Bill Colbert - Ruth Martin Haude
1965 - Bill Colbert - Ruth Martin Haude
1966 - Dave Lichtman - Ruth Martin Haude
1967 - Bill Colbert - Ruth Martin Haude
1968 - Salim Khan - Dee Wilden
1969 - Andy Wiegand - Sandra Donahey
1970 - Dave Lichtman - Sandra Donahey
1971 - Pete Kortman - Sandra Donahey
1972 - Bill Colbert - Karen Brumbaugh
1973 - Bill Colbert - Barbara Falkner
1974 - Bill Colbert - Martha Eaton
1975 -                 - Ann Harris
1976 - Tom Loring - Gail Diciccio
1977 -
1978 -
1979 - Jack Cobetto - Kristen Mertz
1980 - Jeff Winicour - Jodi Levine
1981 - Ken Nieser - Gail Diciccio
1982 - Bill Pilardi - Betty Weber
1983 - Terry McClain - Maureen Druga
1984 - Martin Sturgess - Donna Wittmann
1985 - Martin Sturgess - Caroline Clarke
1986 - Jim Welker - Aldene LaCaria
1987 - Bill Dollard - Aldene LaCaria
1988 - Ken Nieser - Ann Harris
1989 - Bill Dollard - Sarah Mott

1990 - Lance Falce - Carolyn C. Kupperman
1991 - Allesandro Battaglia - Aldene LaCaria
1992 - Bill Dollard - Sarah Mott
1993 - Bill Dollard - Aldene LaCaria
1994 - Bill Dollard - Aldene LaCaria
1995 - David Nicholson - Sarah Mott
1996 - Mishel Gabbay - Aldene LaCaria
1997 - Matt Bird - Susan Dorsey
1998 - Michael Sayette
1999 - Mike Mezerski
2000 - Leo Sweeney - Candice Harris

2001-2006 No Tournament at Frick Park

2007 - David Fink - Jackie Hughes
2008 - David Fink - Emma Leibowicz
2009 - David Fink - Katie Freedline
2010 - Mike Wagner - Emma Leibowicz
2011 - Mike Wagner - Emma Leibowicz
2012 - Mike Wagner - Johanna Bezjak
2013 - Mike Wagner - Johanna Bezjak



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